Optimize your Investment Portfolio with Bonds, Trade Bonds with BCT Trader

BCT Trader provides trading of a broad range of corporate and government bonds in most markets via online and direct telephone access and email orders to specialist dealers.

Monitor bond positions online through Bridge Capital’s trading platforms in real-time.

Also, bonds are a diversification tool, valuable to protect your portfolio against stagnation or volatility in equity markets. Bonds can be a conservative capital preservation component of a portfolio in times of stagnant equity, unpredictable and currency markets.

Benefits of Trading Bonds at BCT Trader

Easy Bond trading

You can place an order for bonds (buy or sell) online with BCT Trader using the Dealer Chat function on our trading platforms; ask for "Bonds". Contact your account executive directly or by email at info@bcttader.com with your Client ID, ISIN code and amount in nominal value of the purchase. At the time the trade is executed your account has to be fully funded to cover the bond purchase.

BCT Trader takes market orders on all bond positions, but limit orders are not available currently. If you are not sure about the Bond’s collateral value, ask your account executive to contact Risk Management. All Bonds are traded offline, but you can use the online platforms to monitor.

BCT Trader Quick Start Videos

BCT Trader Quick Start Videos

See how easy it is to use BalboaTrader. Watch our Quick Start tutorial videos.

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Fast Transfer of Your Earnings

Fast Transfer of Your Earnings

BCT Trader belongs to a serious financial institution which allows you to get your money fast

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