FX Options

FX Options are an excellent way to diversify strategies when it comes to trading through different investment timelines and hedging spot positions.

BCT Trader provides immediate trade execution on live streaming prices and deep liquidity on FX Options trade. Covering maturities ranging from 1 day to 6 months the FX Options Board is innovative. You can also request a Quote for a completely customizable trade ticket for other maturities. There are two types of Forex Options offered at BCT Trader:

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FX Options are an excellent way to diversify your trading strategies by using various investment timelines as well as hedging spot positions.

BCT Trader offers two types of Forex Options: Forex Vanilla Options are available for more than 41 currency crosses including Gold and Silver, and Forex Binary Touch Options are available on six of the most traded currency crosses.

Top 5 reasons to trade FX Options with BCT Trader:

  • Trade on live prices without dealer intervention.
  • Access to deep liquidity.
  • Broad instrument coverage, expiries from 1 day to 1 year.
  • Automatic exercise and settlement on expiry.
  • Free FX Options position reports.

Trade FX Options on live streaming prices BCT Trader provides deep liquidity and immediate trade execution on live streaming prices. The innovative FX Options Board covers maturities from 1 day to 6 months. Other maturities are available for a fully customisable trade ticket or on a Request for Quote basis.

FX Vanilla Options​​ 

FX Binary Touch Options​​​ 

Advanced trading strategies supported​

For all FX or equity traders

Trade on market uncertainty​

Full transparency of cost/potential payout​​​

Trade market volatility (up, down, no change, any change)​

Execute simple trading strategies​

Allows for active Delta Hedging​​

Avoid Trading on margin​

Full cross margin benefits​

Choice of "Touch" and "No Touch" options​​

BCT Trader Quick Start Videos

BCT Trader Quick Start Videos

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Fast Transfer of Your Earnings

Fast Transfer of Your Earnings

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